McMurdo Kannad INTEGRA EASY (Rod antenna package)

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INTEGRA EASY includes:

1- The revolutionary McMurdo Kannad Integra 406 ELT

2- Universal mounting bracket

3- Rod Antenna, RAMI AV300

4- SUB-D 9 Pts Female Connector

5- RC200 Remote Control Panel




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More information on products in package:

1 McMurdo Kannad Integra 406 ELT

Embedded GPS – It reduces the location accuracy from 28 square miles to only 0.03 square miles. The embedded GPS avoids the cost of a GPS interface installation

406MHz Internal antenna The 406 MHz back-up antenna enables the ELT to transmit the 406 MHz distress signal independently from the aircraft, even when removed

The Integra ELT has the unique capability to operate independently of the aircraft even when the external antenna is damaged or broken

  • Operating Temperatures: -20° to +55°C
  • Two-frequency transmitter (121.5 / 406MHz) 48 hour certified transmission on 406MHz (distress) and 121.5MHz (homing)@ -40°C
  • 6 year battery life-time
  • Internal GPS receiver
  • Internal 406MHz antenna
  • Weight: 850 g
  • Transmitter Dimensions: 131x 86 x 75.4 mm

2 – UNIVERSAL Mounting Bracket

Designed for retrofit to replace a former 121.5 ELT by a  KANNAD an INTEGRA ELT


Designed with a retaining strap for quick removal in an emergency and for easy removal for maintenance or exchange

Weight: 180g

Dimensions: 175 x 99 x 16mm

Designed for OEM and General Aviation


3 & 4 – Rod Antenna, RAMI AV300

Developed by RAMI

Small whip for radiation on the COSPAS-SARSAT 3 frequencies (121.5 / 243 / 406MHz)

Glass fibre , Metallic base plate with 3 fixing holes

BNC connector

VSWR: 2.0:1 or better@121.5 MHz

2.0:1 or better@243 MHz

1.5:1 or better@406 MHz

Max. Power 10W CW

Vertical polarisation

Weight: 255g

Height: 355mm

Applications: Aircraft up to 350kts

Note: suggested for fitting to fixed wing application

5 – Remote Control Panel, Kit RC200 + Sub-D connector

Weight: 50g.

Dimensions : 33 x 50 x 43mm

3-position red switch (ON, ARMED, TEST/RESET)

D-SUB 9 pin connector with threaded locking device (UNC 4-40)

Output to drive an external buzzer

Output to control an external horn or annunciator (up to 1A)

Kit includes mating SUB-D9 connector for easier installation


All aircraft

Straight replacement for ARTEX RCPs to ensure easy replacement of your old two frequency ELT


Download the Maintenance Policy:

Orolia- Maintenance-Policy-for-KANNAD-ELTs


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