AeroLED Pulsar – 12V/24V


Pulsar (12V), Pulsar (24V)


Pulsar Experimental LED Navigation Lights 12V

The Pulsar NS Series Navigation Lights are LED lights that serve as Navigation, Strobe, and Position lights and are designed for the wingtips and wingtip cutouts of an aircraft. They all exceed TSO effective candela requirements for the Anti-Collision light. The Pulsar is the same size as the legacy rear and forward-facing position lights for drop-in replacement. The Pulsar also does not require an external power supply, making for easy installation and usage! Pulsar lights will also retrofit the impression of legacy incandescent lighting.

Part Number:01-1100-12

Power:17 Watts (per pair)



Weight:8 oz

Dimensions:1.82″ x 5.6″ x 1.3″


Experimental Pulsar Navigation Light 24V

The Pulsar Navigation Lights (Navigation/Anti-Collision/Strobe/Position) are designed to be installed on the wingtips of an aircraft where the navigation (red and green) and position (white) lights can be seen to determine the direction of the aircraft. They also have a built-in pulse/strobe feature. Pulsar LED’s will also retrofit the mounting impression of legacy incandescent lighting.

Part Number:01-1100-24

Power:17 Watts (per pair)


VDCLumens: N/A

Weight:8 oz

Dimensions:1.82″ x 5.6″ x 1.38″

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