D2 Bravo Heart Rate Monitor

Get a quality workout with our heart rate monitor. When worn around your chest during an activity, it wirelessly transmits your heart rate to your compatible device for instant feedback on how hard you’re working.

The front part of the strap contains the heart rate module and is made of flexible plastic. The part of the strap that goes around your back is made of a soft fabric and is adjustable to your size.

Use and care of the heart rate monitor is a snap. Once it’s paired with your compatible device the first time, it will automatically recognize it each time. The fabric of the strap can be removed and hand-washed as often as needed.

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Putting On the Heart Rate Monitor

You should wear the heart rate monitor directly on your skin, just below your sternum. It should be snug enough to stay in place during your activity.

  1. If necessary, attach the strap extender to the heart rate monitor.
  2. Wet the electrodes glyph icon on the back of the heart rate monitor to create a strong connection between your chest and the transmitter. 
  3. Wear the heart rate monitor with the Garmin® logo facing right-side up. 

    The loop glyph icon and hook glyph icon connection should be on your right side.

  4. Wrap the heart rate monitor around your chest, and connect the strap hook to the loop.
    NOTE: Make sure the care tag does not fold over.

After you put on the heart rate monitor, it is active and sending data.


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