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Cessna 210M

Swipe to see the before and after of this Cessna 210M.

Mid-Continent MD-93

Accurate time-keeping is essential for any pilot and in-flight USB charging power is a necessity. The MD93 Series Digital Clock/USB Charger features intuitive operation with four modes: local time, universal time, flight timer and stopwatch. The Dual USB Charging Port supplies the electric current needed to charge any standard or high-power device with a USB interface while protecting itself and the charging device from short circuits, power surges and over-current potential.

Kannad 406-ELT

Automatic Fixed or Automatic Portable Aircraft ELT. The Kannad 406 AF ELT is designed to be installed near the tail and to be connected to an outside antenna. A sophisticated “shock sensor” will activate the Kannad 406 AF automatically in the event of an impact. The Kannad 406 AF can also suit helicopter installation, with the mounting tray fitted 45° nose down.

Garmin GFC 500 Autopilot

Drawing on top-end Garmin flight control technology from our GFC 700, GFC 500 provides crisp, precise response and optimum performance over the entire airspeed envelope of your aircraft. Rather than depending on failure-prone mechanical gyros, the GFC 500 system is digitally controlled, using solid-state attitude and air data sensor reference — giving you ultra-smooth round outs, intercepts and more while also enhancing the reliability of the system.

Dual Garmin GI-275

Garmin International unveiled a series of instrument panel-mounted displays that are rear-mounted into standard 3.125-inch panel cutouts, offering a simple way to replace legacy vacuum- or electric-driven instruments with capable new electronic displays. The GI 275 can replace attitude indicators, attitude direction indicators, horizontal situation indicators (HSIs), and course deviation indicators (CDIs), and it can also replace engine instruments as a primary engine indication system (EIS).

JP Instruments EDM-900

Designed to be used both vertically or horizontally, the rear processor is offset to give almost unlimited install choices and features a long list of user options. TSO’d as a PRIMARY instrument and for quality, the EDM 900 is not just another black box along for the ride. It is a Flight Engineer … a Maintenance Manager … a Backup Instrument. For the price, there is nothing that gets close to it. You can almost think of the EDM 900 as your personal flight engineer. It’s always there, working in the background, constantly watching over your engine while you concentrate on flying the aircraft. You can make an entire flight without ever pushing a button if you so choose. Yet your EDM will be monitoring your engine parameters three times a second and will warn you instantly if any parameter exceeds the programmed limit.

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