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AeroCommander 690B

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Garmin G600 TXi

G600 TXi glass touchscreens integrate with the GTN touchscreen GPS/Nav/Comm series to provide a fully certified glass suite solution — with reliable attitude/heading reference system(s) (AHRS) replacing the old-style, maintenance-prone mechanical gyros in your system. Available in 7” portrait or landscape orientations — and in a larger 10.6” horizontal format — the G600 TXi displays offer a variety of configurations to fit your panel and budget. The 10.6” displays accommodate primary flight (PFD) and a multifunction display (MFD) within the same unit. Optional engine, fuel and electrical readouts can also be viewed in a vertical strip alongside the PFD/MFD information on the 10.6” display. The 7” portrait format can be dedicated to PFD (with HSI map), MFD or EIS displays. And the 7” landscape format is configured to provide a dedicated, standalone EIS display.

L3 Communications ESI-500

ESI-500 — is one of the most advanced standby instruments designed specifically for piston and turboprop aircraft and light helicopters. The compact unit is scalable and comes standard with altitude, attitude, slip/skid, vertical speed and aircraft track.

Options are available for the display of navigation information and Synthetic Vision (SynVis), including terrain and obstacles. Magnetic heading is an available option when coupled with the low cost and compact MAG-500 magnetometer. The ESI-500 is compatible with existing NAV radios and GPS hardware. Upon loss of power an internal lithium-ion battery pack automatically powers the unit and magnetometer without interruption.

Garmin Dual GTN-750

With its centralized, touch-controlled screen providing easy access to navigation, radio tuning, multifunction display features and more, our GTN 750 navigator offers complete GPS/NAV/COMM/MFD capability in a robust, single solution. It’s approved for installation in hundreds of makes and models of fixed-wing aircraft and helicopters — putting high-resolution terrain mapping, graphical flight planning, georeferenced charting, traffic target surveillance, multiple weather options, taxiway diagrams and a host of other advanced navigation features at your fingertips.

STEC 2100

The Intelliflight 2100 operates directly with certain Primary Flight Displays and your navigation which means the Autopilot can take over as soon as you are airborne and handle the rest of the flight up until the runway is in sight. Indicated Airspeed hold allows the pilot to choose a specific airspeed for the aircraft with the touch of button, this function comes in handy when climbing or descending with the autopilot engaged. GPS Steering which allows the autopilot to receive the GPS information from your compatible panel mounted GPS to fly GPS approaches, missed approaches and any other phase of the flight with excellent precision.

Kannad 406-ELT

Automatic Fixed or Automatic Portable Aircraft ELT. The Kannad 406 AF ELT is designed to be installed near the tail and to be connected to an outside antenna. A sophisticated “shock sensor” will activate the Kannad 406 AF automatically in the event of an impact. The Kannad 406 AF can also suit helicopter installation, with the mounting tray fitted 45° nose down.

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