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Howell Instruments H884 Series

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The H884 Series Data Logger Unit (DLU) helps you get the most out of engine data with in-depth engine health and performance information in an easy-to-use, customized format. This portable, compact unit provides an easy USB interface for quick, convenient information access in a Windows® compatible configuration. An expansion module for Howell’s Data Acquisition Systems, our DLU receives dual digital input from either the DAU or indicator according to your specific requirements.


  • Configurable to interface with any engine or airframe
  • Records specific events per your requirements
  • Records when events occur such as an exceedance or trend condition, or when a manual record request is present
  • Easy data import – USB connection plug-in
  • Provides 1 Gb (Gigabit) of storage for recorded data
  • Data output in a common .CSV file, easily imported into an Microsoft Excel®
  • Buffers 40 seconds before and after a detected exceedance
  • Dual Channel 1 box = 2 engines
  • Records up to 10 x per sec depending on required parameters
  • Records 25 signal inputs 10 times a second for 58 continuous hours before requiring download


  • Engine starts/cycles
  • Engine and aircraft critical parameters
  • Engine and aircraft parameters exceedance
  • Engine power assurance checks
  • Total engine run time and aircraft flight time
  • NG and EGT Trending
  • Component life usage assessment
  • Aircraft Flights
  • Date and Clock time
  • All reported failures

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