Pilatus PC-12 Retrofit


We replaced the classic 6 instruments with the G600 PFD/MFD. The G600 comes standard with 3D synthetic vision. For added situational awareness and to get the aircraft certified for GNSS approaches we also unlocked the optional TAWS B function on the G600. Instead of gyros, the G600 uses the super reliable GRS77 attitude and heading reference system(AHRS).  We also unlocked the Chartview on the G600. With this unlock and a G600 Jeppesen charts subscription, the pilot will have the capability to fly approaches with GPS accuracy.


We installed the GTN 650 NAV/COM/GPS. With its high resolution moving map display, terrain and a easy to use touch screen interface, the GTN 650 is truly a must have for every general aviation aircraft big or small. We also installed a Flightstream 210, giving the GTN 650 and GTN 750 bluetooth capabilities. When used with the Garmin Pilot app available on the app store for all Ipads or Iphones, the pilot can do all his flight planning at home and transfer the flight plan to the aircrafts panel mounted GPS systems.


We installed the GTN 750 as the main navigation unit of the aircraft. The high resolution moving map display and large touch screen display makes this unit an essential component of the cockpit. We enabled Chartview on this unit as well so that the pilot can use this display to fly IFR approaches. With the autopilot getting it's information from the GTN 750, the pilot is capable of flying an approach with the precision of the autopilot.

GMA 350 Audio panel

The GMA 350 audio panel introduces a number of new technologies to the cockpit.


- Virual 3-D audio


- Telligence voice command for hands free operation


- Advanced Auto Squelch & Automatic Volume Control


- Split COMM mode so the pilot and co-pilot can broadcast on independant frequencies


The co-pilots sides instruments was also replaced with the G600 PFD/MFD.

MD93 Clock with USB charging ports

We installed the MD93 USB charger/clock so that the pilots can charge their Ipads during flight. The pilots use the Garmin Pilot app available on the app store for apple units to do their flight planning and also use it as backup navigation units.

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