Vision & Mission

The Vision of Century Avionics
  • Our vision is to become the most sought after service provider when it comes to anything avionic – installation, maintenance and spares sourcing, in the Southern African region and afar. Our vision for the future is to employ and train more people in the avionics trade and related directions and send them into the field with the knowledge and experience required to make their careers successful.
  • To promote honesty in the industry and to set an example through integrity in business and in everyday life.
  • To become the most well-known avionics facility in Southern Africa. We undertake to bring all of our departments together to work as one with open channels of communications to the customer and to one another.
The Mission of Century Avionics
  • The mission of Century Avionics is to be the most well-known avionics facility in Southern Africa for installation, maintenance, service and support of new and existing avionics in privately owned aircraft or otherwise.
  • To provide our customers and the industry with high quality, reliable, cost-effective equipment, components/spares and service.
  • To be able to assist with any and every enquiry about general aviation avionics in a professional, courteous and friendly manner
  • To encourage customers to return to our facility for any work required through our business ethics, trust and confidence.
  • To strive for a work environment that encourages personal development, mutual respect, integrity and professionalism.
  • To expand and grow with our customer requirements.


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