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Touchscreen Avionics: The future at your fingertips

– Touchscreen GPS/Nav/Comm/MFD backed by decades of proven technology
– Interfaces with popular avionics, including autopilots
– Displays charts, traffic, weather and more
– Interfaces with popular avionics using industry standard protocols
– Keep in sync with your iPad® and those on the ground with Connext

With the GTN 750’s revolutionary touchscreen interface, you’re rarely more than 2 taps away from all of the system’s primary functions. Quickly pan across the map screen simply by swiping your finger across the 6.9-inch diagonal high resolution TFT display. Or enter waypoint data with the full onscreen keypad.

There are multiple ways to reach information and lots of shortcuts built right in. The data displayed can easily be customized to instantly reach any page in the system right from the moving map or navigation pages. So it’s easy to fly with the information that’s most important to you while flying.

It’s even designed with raised grips in the bezel and a shelf across the lower edge of the display that serve as gripping points in both smoother and turbulent flight conditions. Traditional concentric knobs are also available for those who are used to that style of data input. If you have a GNS 430W/530W, your active flight plan automatically crossfills from the GTN to the GNS. You can also manually crossfill user waypoints back and forth between both devices.






– Dual 6.5” flight displays that are easy to read
– Interfaces with popular avionics, including autopilots
– See clearly even in IFR conditions with SVT™
– Weather, traffic and charting in primary field of view
– Industry-leading, award-winning support                                                                                                           

G500’s 10″ wide bezel fits neatly into the panel space vacated by your standard 6-pack of mechanical 3″ flight instruments. (In many cases the existing airspeed indicator, artificial horizon and altimeter can be relocated to serve as standby instrumentation.)

Dual 6.5″ LCDs, mounted side-by-side in the bezel, put both Primary Flight Display (PFD) and Multifunction Display (MFD) capabilities directly in your field of view to help streamline instrument scanning. See real-time True Airspeed calculations and selectable Winds Aloft data — as well as aircraft ground speed, GPS active waypoint, distance-to-waypoint, desired/actual track, and more. The screens are even Class B night-vision goggle friendly for use with a wide array of optics.

On the left-hand side, the PFD consolidates all primary situational information regarding your aircraft’s position, speed, attitude, vertical rate, altitude and flight progress. For added visual orientation, a scaled version of our SVT is also available as an upgrade option — creating a 3-D “virtual reality” perspective view of flight and enroute terrain features.

Situational Awareness

On the right-hand side, the MFD provides detailed moving-map graphics of your aircraft’s current position in relation to ground features, chart data, navaids, flight plan routings and more. A trial version of our FliteCharts® and SafeTaxi® come pre-installed (the charts will disable when the data is more than 6 months out-of-date). And built-in terrain and US obstacles databases provide color-coding and other visual cues to graphically alert you when proximity conflicts loom. What’s more, AOPA Airport Directory data comes pre-installed, putting FBO and fuel/service listings right at your fingertips. When flying internationally, opt for global AC-U-KWIK airport directory data instead.

G500 operation is simple — with familiar rotary knob for data entry, soft­keys for mode selection, front-loading SD™ card slot for additional data and updates, plus an easy-to-navigate G1000-like graphical user interface.

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Aspen efd 1000

                                     THE AWARD WINNING ASPEN EVOLUTION 1000

– Lowest price full- featured glass panels for GA retrofit
– Advanced EFIS six-pack replacement
– The only upgradable PFD-only EFIS on the GA market
– Works with your panel’s existing avionics — nearly every GPS or nav radio
– Broadest autopilot/ flight director support
– Optional terrain, traffic, and weather
– Optional Evolution Synthetic Vision
– Expandable and upgradable
– Easiest installation
– Lightest weight
– Airspeed and altitude tapes
– Integral altitude alerter
– Slaved directional gyro with heading bug
– Base map with flight plan legs and waypoints, curved flight paths(1), and nearby navaids
– GPS flight plan map views: 360º & ARC
– Display of real-time winds aloft, OAT, TAS, and ground speed(1)
– Integral Air Data Computer and Attitude Heading Reference System (AHRS)
– Built-in backup battery and emergency GPS
– Brilliant, direct sunlight-readable, 6-inch 760×400 TFT active matrix LCD display (140 pixels/inch)

The award-winning Aspen Evolution 1000 series Primary Flight Displays (PFDs) deliver exceptionally easy-to-use, advanced glass panels at the lowest price on the market. Choose from the least expensive high-performance basic glass panel EFD1000 Pilot PFD or the top-of- the-line EFD1000 Pro PFD.

Not only are Aspen PFDs the most affordable GA glass on the market, your fly-away cost is made even lower because Aspen’s patent-pending retrofit technology delivers substantially lower installation costs. There’s no need for expensive new panel modifications; Evolution Flight Displays (EFDs) uniquely retrofit directly into your aircraft’s six-pack panel holes. The self-contained EFDs also don’t require the installation of heavy remote mount boxes. And since Evolution displays work with the avionics already in your panel – no matter what make – you don’t have to upgrade your GPS or radios.

The Pilot and Pro PFDs provide professional-grade EFIS primary flight instruments. The Pilot has a slaved Directional Gyro while the Pro includes a full-featured electronic HSI with moving map. Choose the level of features and capabilities that suit your needs and budget.

Evolution EFDs are fully software upgradable, so you can add comprehensive hazard awareness capabilities, Evolution Synthetic Vision, and other new features — all without removing the display from your panel. Evolution also delivers greater flexibility since Aspen flight displays work with your existing GPS, radios, and traffic sensors, so you don’t have to upgrade them until you’re ready.

The highly flexible Evolution Primary Flight Displays are the only upgradable single PFD glass panels available and deliver the lowest cost option for adding glass to your aircraft. The modular Evolution system lets you expand your panel with one or two Multi-function Flight Displays (MFDs) as your needs grow and your budget permits.

Evolution – your glass panel begins here.

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