Glass cockpit conversion on a Aero Commander


We installed the G600 PFD/MFD, the G600 replaces your classic 6 configuration. We unlocked the TAWS B, Chartview function and unlocked the capability to display a third party radar altimeter. All this along with the synthetic vision that comes standard with the G600, makes the pilot awareness and overhaul flight safety in this aircraft exceptional when compared to the older technology instruments it once had. Coupled with the aircrafts existing traffic system, traffic is now displayed on the PFD and MFD.


The GTN 750 is connected to the G600, the G600 gets all it's GPS information from this unit. The GTN 750 serves as this aircrafts Com1 and backup GPS unit. We unlocked Chartview on this unit, allowing the pilot to load Jeppesen approach charts. TAWS B and third party radar capability was enabled on the 750 for added flight safety. Coupled with the aircrafts existing autopilot system, the pilot can now fly GPS approaches with the help of the autopilot. Freeing up time to focus on critical stages of the flight.

GNS 530W

An install like this allowed us to free up a lot of panel space, so we moved the existing GNS 530W right beneath the 750. The pilot now has easy access to all critical equipment during flight. This unit will now function as the aircrafts Com2 and as a backup navigation device.

Avidyne EX500 MFD

We moved the existing EX500 to a convenient location on the panel, this unit will now serve as a backup MFD.


The G600 PFD/MFD was also installed on the co-pilots side so both pilots can have the same benefits during a flight.

Panel revamp

We completely revamped the panel as per the customers request to nicely finish of the entire install.

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