Do you need to wear head protection when you fly?

There are many risks to your head, and the amount of that will vary according to the aircraft that you are in and the purpose of the flight. Your head is a highly important part of your body, and you do not want to risk any injury as that could alter your life and your abilities. A helmet will help minimise any risks and damages that come with flying.

What are the benefits of head protection while flying?

A great helmet can make any flight a great experience. One great benefit is that you do not have to worry about sunglasses as they generally offer greater eye protection during a flight. It not only protects your eye sight it, but it also does a great job of reducing noise attenuation. It will not hinder communication as it does come with the option to include a headset inside. The modern helmet has been designed to maximise not only safety but comfort as well. They are light and comfortable design ensuring that it does not become bothersome during flight.

Looking for the perfect head protection?

Century Avionics offers the perfect helmet for you. You can rest assured that you are investing in a top quality product. Their helmets are designed to meet the U.S. Military and European Specifications. Be sure to contact Century Avionics today.
A glass cockpit is an aircraft that presents digital displays on a LCD screen other than using the traditional analogue dials commonly found in aircrafts. Because newer systems are much more automated, glass cockpits are far more accurate and the combination of controls are better than traditional systems.
Autopilot is a collection of systems that automate an aircraft’s operation. Complex computer matrix communicates to your aircraft on how to fly, including speed, navigation, altitude, and engine thrust. When the systems are engaged, the navigation controls the same GPS that is on your cell phone and provides an optimised flight plan.pl
Among several other reasons of needing a headset, one is to protect your hearing and ensuring that you are able to have a clear communication between the passengers, pilot and air traffic control. In addition, headsets come with noise-cancelling microphones. These have two sound inputs, one facing inwards and outwards. The outcome is that the noise enters both inputs and cancels out. However, the pilot will speak into the inward microphone which prevents the speech from entering the outward microphone. Therefore, the pilot’s speech is heard clearly, while the cockpit noise is minimised.
The more you fly your plane, the more often you will need to get it serviced. More regular maintenance services include the inspection of the bolts as well as replacing the engine oil. Oil can be changed as frequently as every 25 hours of flying time.
Lights on an aircraft should be checked visually before each flight. Usually the co-pilot or the pilot will check engine oil levels, internal parts, fuel levels, cable connections as well as any other damages that may have happened. It is always recommended to check the areas below where the plane has parked in order to check for any leaking fluids.
This is safe, and the aircraft will continue flying. An APU is an auxiliary connection of hydraulic and electrical power as well as the source of air for starting the engines. Flying without an operating APU may reduce the safety should any emergencies occur, such as the generator failing.
Extreme winds can result in “fun” landings and take-offs. At lower levels, the aircraft may sway back and forth. However, if the wind becomes too strong pilots should choose not to take off or land. This is why it is extremely important to carry fuel when needed for flight in case of terrible weather conditions, allowing you to circle or possibly redirect to another airport.
Ground Power Units are one of the most important aircraft support equipment that is used for aircraft maintenance purposes on the ground in order to save flight energy. These units provide a high voltage power to the engines while parked for maintenance and testing purposes. In addition, GPU are used to assist in starting the engine.
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