Falcon Glass Cockpit Conversion

G3X Touch

We installed the G3X Touch system into the aircraft. The G3X Touch is a versatile system specifically designed for your non type certified aircraft. The user friendly touch screen interface, high resolution moving map display, integrated autopilot and affordable price makes the G3X Touch the perfect system to get the most out of your non type certified aircraft.

For more information on the G3X Touch, please click here.


We installed a GTN 750 NAV/COM/GPS. This unit will function as the pilots main Com for the aircraft. Also it will act as a backup GPS in the unlikely event that the G3X's screen fail during flight. The GTN 750 features a high resolution moving map display, user friendly touch screen interface and approved for installation in hundreds of makes and models of aircraft around the world.

GNC 255

Serving as the pilots backup com/nav system, the GNC 255 brings the pilot powerful Nav/Comm capabilities. Provide the GNC 255 with an airport or navaid identifier and it will automatically find all available frequencies.

GMC 305 Autopilot controller

The GMC 305 is a autopilot controller that adds more functionality to the G3X autopilot, also the pilot can control the autopilot in the unlikely event that both G3X screens fail. The G3X Touch does have the capability to control the autopilot from the G3X screen itself.

G3X Touch

The G3X Touch was also installed on the pilot side so the co-pilot also has the same benefits as the pilot in command.

MD93 Clock with USB charging ports

We installed the MD93 USB charger/clock so that the pilots can charge their Ipads during flight. The pilots use the Garmin Pilot app available on the app store for apple units to do their flight planning and also use it as backup navigation units.

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