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Century NAVCOM

Century NAVCOM is Century Avionics’ in-house design organisation. In conjunction with our qualified and experienced certification department, they will assist you with avionics STC applications, development or modifications to ensure approvals.

What is an avionics STC?

A Supplemental Type Certificate (STC) is an approval issued in terms of regulation South African Civil Aviation Regulations (CAR) 21.05.3. This authorises the holder to alter an aircraft, engine, or propeller through a major change in the type design that is not great enough to require a new application for a Type Certificate (TC).

The STC states the proposed product design change, how the modification will affect the existing type design and lists serial number applicability, as well as the certification basis listing specific regulatory compliance for the design change.

The STC and supporting data such as drawings, instructions and specifications belong to the STC holder.

What are the steps to getting STC approval?

Century Avionics can help you through the entire process – from application to approval.

Can I get a foreign STC and apply it to a South African-registered aircraft?

Yes, but you should contact the STC holder and get permission to use it. The STC holder is obligated to maintain continued airworthiness for the STC.

How do I know if the STC for the change I want is approved by the SACAA?

Talk to the team at Century Avionics. We can assist you with any STC-related query.

Time for a change

If you have any questions about STCs or how to apply for one, get in touch with Century Avionics today and chat with our design specialists.


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