Century Avionics provides a complete range of specialised aviation products and solutions that have been designed, developed, and manufactured by world-leading brands.

These solutions cover a broad spectrum of aviation needs and challenges, ensuring enhanced safety, functionality, communication, and comfort while in the air.

As part of our complete range of offers we supply a focus on safety products from Artex, a leading manufacturer of aircraft safety solutions for aircraft.


ACR Electronics Inc. (Artex) specialises in the production of emergency beacons, not just for aircraft, but for a wide range of different settings and applications.

These emergency beacons have been developed with the express purpose of saving lives. We supply a complete range of solutions from Artex for general aviation, business jet, robocraft, and commercial aircraft applications, which include the following:


  • Emergency locator transmitters
  • Two-way satellite communicators
  • Survival kits
  • Bouyant personal locators
  • Antennas
  • Distress Strobe Lights
  • Survivor locator lights
  • Test and programmer sets
  • Signal Whistles
  • Remote Switches
  • Programming dongles
  • And more


These solutions from Artex ensure complete control over aircraft safety during emergencies and have been specifically designed to protect pilots and passengers.

They are characterised by absolute dependability to ensure optimal safety, even when you rare flying thousands of feet in the sky, where there is little room for error.


If you would like to know more about our complete selection of Artex safety solutions for aircraft, be sure to get in contact with a representative from Century Avionics today, or feel free to continue browsing our website today for details on our complete range of offers.


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