About Us

Located at Lanseria International Airport, the service center specializes in general aviation avionics for fixed- and rotary winged aircraft. Being in business for 40 years, Century Avionics is the largest and oldest privately owned avionics facility in Southern Africa, according to the three owners.

We offer a wide range of avionic solutions for most general aviation platforms including fixed- and rotor wing glass cockpit upgrades. We excel in Avionics Sales/Marketing, Installations, Repairs/Maintenance, Support and Certification to the highest standards.  Private aircraft owners flying for business comprises the core of Century Avionics’ customer base. The company has a large footprint servicing corporate customers such as AMOs, charter operators, aircraft manufacturers and a number of government and/or military projects also eagerly eyeing various opportunities, including the growing leisure and sport aviation category.

The company boasts a host of dealerships of avionics manufacturers (Garmin, Bendix King, Honeywell, Avidyne, McMurdo ELT, Genesys Aerosystems and many others) and aim to constantly expand our horizons in order to offer our valued customers the widest range of products and capabilities. Century Avionics endeavours to be a one stop avionic facility to the general aviation community and to provide professional service to all under one roof. Longstanding customers attest to our professional commitment, fast and friendly service.

Our AMO and Design Organization is approved for South Africa, Botswana, Namibia, Malawi and Zimbabwe which makes the approval of the avionics installation hassle free. We have recently been audited by the Kenyan CAA. Century NAVCOM is our SACAA approved Design Organisation. Along with our qualified and experienced Certification Department, our DO is able to develop and assist with Avionics STC Application/Development and/or Modification Approvals with ease.

We are reaching to higher heights dedicated to customers’ avionics requirements, visions and aspirations. “Present us with a challenge and we’ll grab it with both hands”, says our vastly experienced installations and maintenance teams.

Century Avionics Approval Certificates:

Flag_of_South_Africa.svg      South Africa   |   SACAA   AMO : 0003

Flag_of_South_Africa.svg      South-Africa   |   SADO : D688

Flag_of_Botswana.svg      Botswana        |   CAAB     AMO : B|1A|F30

  Kenya               |   KCAA AMO F | 114

Flag_of_Namibia.svg       Namibia           |   NCAA     AMO : FSS-AMO-C3610

       Malawi             |   DCA AMO: MI | 414 | 2016

Zimbabwe flag       Zimbabwe        |   CAAZ     AMO : 176 / 182


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