Garmin Dual G600 TXi

The Garmin G600 Txi

  • Bright, crisp 10.6” and 7” LCD touchscreen displays offer industry-leading scalability and flexibility in a wide range of panel configurations

  • Meets higher software assurance levels required for Part 23 Class 3 aircraft (MTOW between 6,000 lbs and 12,500 lbs)

  • Engine information system (EIS) optionally available on 7” displays or 10.6” display with split-screen data strip

  • HSI mapping enhances situational awareness with MFD-like geographical map detail, weather, traffic display and more — overlaid within HSI portion of the primary flight display (PFD)

  • Interfaces with popular avionics and autopilots, offering full touchscreen system continuity with our GTN650/750 series

  • Full compatibility with original G600 system sensors for a simplified, cost-effective upgrade path

L3 Communications ESI-500

L3 Communications ESI 500:

  • Electronic Standby Instrument System

  • 3.5" viewable

  • High-resolution, 24-bit color display

  • Designed specifically for Part 23 (Class I, II & III) airplanes and Part 27 rotorcraft

  • Mirrors PFD presenting attitude, altitude, airspeed and slip data

  • Options for terrain, SynVis, obstacles, heading and navigation

  • Internal lithium-ion battery offers uninterrupted flight data

  • Low-cost, compact design for piston and turboprop aircraft

Garmin GAD 43e

The Garmin GAD 43e adapter unit offers enhanced autopilot interface capabilities for the G600/G500 flight display systems.

Like the GAD 43, the GAD 43e can enable AHRS digital altitude/heading reference with selected autopilots in place of costly-to-maintain ADI gyro indicators. The GAD 43e can also interface to analog VOR/LOC/GS receivers, and functions as an altitude preselector and vertical speed controller when interfaced with compatible autopilots. It will even enable the display of marker beacon lamps, DME distance, synchro ADF bearing and analog radar altitude on your G500/600. These new interface capabilities work to reduce the workload of the pilot.

MidContinent MD-93


Accurate time-keeping is essential for any pilot and in-flight USB charging power is a necessity. The MD93 Series Digital Clock/USB Charger features intuitive operation with four modes: local time, universal time, flight timer and stopwatch. The Dual USB Charging Port supplies the electric current needed to charge any standard or high-power device with a USB interface, while protecting itself and the charging device from short circuit, power surges and over-current potential.