Cessna Caravan

MD-93 Digital Clock and USB Charger

  • Compact 2-inch size fits standard panel cutout
  • Six-digit, seven-segment LED clock and USB charger
  • Four modes: Local Time, Universal Time, Flight Timer and Stopwatch
  • Flight time duration automatically displays when power is applied to the aircraft and can be reset in manual mode
  • Clock settings include 12- or 24-hour mode and seconds On or Off
  • Multiple lighting schemes allows manual or automatic dimming
  • 8-year internal battery maintains time and flight timer memory when not powered by the aircraft
  • USB interface provides 2.1 amps per charging port
  • Compatible with Apple and other USB devices
  • Protects itself and the charging device from short circuit, power surges and over-current potential
  • Designed and built in Wichita, Kansas, USA
  • One-year limited warranty


Garmin GTN 750

Garmin GTN 750

The GTN 750 Touchscreen NAV/COM/GPS is the future of touch screen avionics. The GTN 750 is a fully integrated GPS/NAV/COM solution for your aircraft. Approved for installation for hundreds of aircraft makes and models including helicopters.


Touchscreen color display 


The GTN 750 has a beautiful 6.9-inch touchscreen color display with high-resolution terrain mapping, grips designed into the bezel across the lower edges for ease of operation during turbulent conditions, touchscreen keypad for entering information with ease and easily pan through the moving map just by swiping your fingers.


Navigation made simple and effective


Graphical flight planning allow you to view the entire flight on the map screen and can be easily modified from there. The GTN 750 comes with built-in WAAS navigation capabilities. The high resolution terrain map helps increase the pilots situational awareness and also shows terrain warnings to avoid collision with terrain. Optional Jeppesen-style Chartview provides the Pilot with IFR approach plates and displays your current GPS position on the approach once in the region to simplify the workload needed when flying in full IFR conditions.



Garmin GTN-650

Garmin GTN 650

Space saving and ahead of the curve


The GTN 650 has everything needed to make your flying simpler, faster and safer. The beautiful 4.9-inch high resolution display easily navigated with the touchscreen interface is why Garmin is the leading choice in touchscreen avionics. Grips on the side of the bezel for ease of operation during turbulent conditions.


Simple touchscreen operating system


The GTN 650 is designed to be as user friendly as possible, so you are rarely more than 2 taps away from the system’s primary functions. Easy to input the needed information with the touchscreen keyboard that comes up when needed. Swipe your finger to pan across the moving map or tap on locations to view important information about that point like airport frequencies, height, runways, fuel information, runway height and more.


Flight planning made easy


The GTN 650 allows the pilot enter his flight plan and navigate using a moving map interface that has all the information needed for a successful flight. Nearest option if needed to urgently navigate to a nearby airport or to use for easily finding airports for your flight plan. Needed information available for all registered airports like frequencies and runway information. GPS instrument display to keep you flying on track and terrain warnings to keep you safe and raise situational awareness.


Garmin G600 TXi 10"

Garmin G600 TXi 10"

  • Bright, crisp 10.6” and 7” LCD touchscreen displays offer industry-leading scalability and flexibility in a wide range of panel configurations
  • Meets higher software assurance levels required for Part 23 Class 3 aircraft (MTOW more than 6,000 lbs and 12,500 lbs)
  • Engine information system (EIS) optionally available on dedicated 7” display or 10.6” display with split-screen data strip
  • HSI mapping enhances situational awareness with MFD-like geographical map detail, weather, traffic display and more — overlaid within HSI portion of the primary flight display (PFD)
  • Interfaces with popular avionics and autopilots, offering full touchscreen system continuity with our GTN650/750 series¹
  • Full compatibility with original G600 system sensors for a simplified, cost-effective upgrade path

G600 TXi is a revolution in retrofit flight displays. It boasts a clean-sheet touchscreen design and builds on the proven capabilities of our original G600 glass flight display series to offer you a vastly expanded array of features, options and panel layout possibilities. It also includes system software that meets the higher assurance levels required for FAR Part 23 Class 3 aircraft (typically piston or turbine aircraft weighing between 6,000 lbs and 12,500 lbs). Backed by our No. 1-ranked product support team, the G600 TXi upgrade makes it easy to bring next-generation technology to virtually any cockpit you can fly without a type rating.

Garmin GMA-345 Bluetooth Audio Panel

Garmin GMA-345

  • Bluetooth connectivity enables easy access to phone calls and audio entertainment
  • Draws on top-end Garmin audio technology for “home theater” quality sound with dedicated music volume knobs for pilot and copilot
  • 3D Audio processing helps pilots “locate” inputs coming into their headsets
  • USB charging port provides power for smartphones, tablets, music players and more
  • Offers slide-in replacement upgrade for GMA 340 and select third-party audio panels

Bringing rich “home theater” quality sound and wireless Bluetooth¹ audio connectivity to your avionics stack, the GMA 345 digital audio panel offers a superior inflight audio experience at an affordable price. Featuring 3-D spatial sound processing, a USB charging port, marker beacon receiver, advanced Auto Squelch, clearance playback and impressive audio mixing and distribution features, this all-digital unit offers the ideal blend of capabilities for pilots who want to hear and do more with less effort in the cockpit. Plus, it’s an easy slide-in upgrade from select third-party audio panels or legacy GMA 340 units.

Garmin Remote Units

Remote Garmin GAD 43e

Remote Garmin GTX-345R ADS-B In-Out Transponder

Remote Garmin GTS-800 Traffic System

Flightstream 510