Garmin GTN 650

The Garmin GTN 650:

  • Visualizes your entire flight plan, including departures, arrivals, visual/instrument approaches, holding procedures and more

  • Overlays potential hazards such as terrain, weather and traffic on a rich, dynamic global moving map for enhanced situational awareness

  • Combines an intuitive 4.9” touchscreen with dedicated Direct-to button and dual   concentric knob to access information efficiently

  • Interfaces with a wide range of existing avionics and autopilots, including our Garmin TXi series touchscreen flight displays for an exceptionally integrated and harmonious experience

  • Optional Connext cockpit connectivity adds wireless database updates and shares GPS position, weather, traffic and more with your mobile devices and Garmin portables

  • Advanced capabilities optionally available include voice commands, global text/voice calling and much more

Garmin G500 TXi EIS

The Garmin TXi EIS

  • Compatible with most normally aspirated or turbocharged Lycoming and Continental 4- to 6-cylinder engines powering GA singles and twins

  • Engine indications can be viewed as an integrated EIS strip on a 10.6” G500 TXi/G600 TXi display or on a stand-alone 7” display1

  • Enables aircraft-specific tailoring of instrumentation inputs for engine, fuel, oil, electrical and other vital sensor data

  • Lean assist mode helps optimize fuel mixture settings for better fuel economy and more efficient engine operation

  • EIS data is automatically logged and can be wirelessly transmitted to the Garmin Pilot app on your mobile device


Garmin GI-106B

Stay on course with the Garmin GL 106B high-quality course deviation indicator from Garmin. The panel-mounted GI 106B includes a VOR/LOC/GPS needle as well as a glideslope needle, which can be hidden and disabled by an installer if the glideslope functionality is not needed. The GI 106B contains LED-lit GPS, NAV and VLOC mode annunciators, for an easy-to-read and modern look.

TO/FROM annunciators are also LED, and when invalid, the needles are simply hidden out of the pilot’s view instead of using conventional invalid flags. The GI 106B is compatible with the same pinout connections as the legacy GI 102A and GI 106A course deviation indicators, allowing for an easy upgrade path. It also features anti-reflective lenses and LED flood lighting for viewing at night.

Garmin Flightsream 510

Experience the revolutionary cockpit connectivity of patented technology with Flight Stream 510. A game-changing addition to the Connext platform, Flight Stream 510 pairs with your GTN 650 and GTN 750 series navigators to add greater flexibility and convenience both inside and outside of the cockpit — to save you time and workload. It requires no wiring changes or complex installation considerations, yet it allows you to more easily manage your database subscriptions via the Garmin Pilot app — while also enabling wireless flight plan transfer with your GTN, sharing of traffic, weather, GPS and more. And if you have G500 or G600 glass flight displays paired with a GTN, Flight Stream 510 even wirelessly displays back-up attitude information on a mobile device.

Garmin GEA 110 Engine Interfaces Adapter

The Garmin GEA 110 may be mounted on the back of the 10" GDU 1060 display, or remotely. Twin engine aircraft will require two GEA110's and mounting kits.