Century Avionics – Excellence In Avionics

We are proud to have built Century Avionics for the past 39 years on Lanseria International Airport from a company that achieved success through one of the first Garmin GPS-100 installations to much admired glass cockpit upgrades like the dual Garmin G-600 MFD/PFD with GTN-stack… read more

Brief Insight into Autopilots in Airplanes

There is something called the autopilot which allows you to take your hands off the controls of the plane. There is also a thing called the auto throttle which controls the thrust of the engine. This system “controls” these aspects of the flight but they get told what to do by the crew. The crew inputs instructions that they have been trained to… read more

A Look Inside the World of Inflight Internet

Although inflight internet offers an array of features like flight information, you can watch the plane move on the live map, you can inform the person fetching you of any delays but the main aim of inflight internet for the consumer is to kill time… read more

The Importance of Regular Aircraft Maintenance

Aircraft maintenance is a procedure that needs to be systematic and consistent, with aircrafts demanding regular check-ups to ensure that they are safe to operate. Even brand new aircrafts need to be inspected before they are allowed to accommodate and transport passengers….. read more

To Autopilot, or not to Autopilot? That is the Question

Autopilot is as plain as the name suggests – the autopilot flies the aircraft without the human pilots steering it “hands-on.” The autopilot system depends on a sequence of sensors in and around the aircraft that gather information such as speed, altitude, and turbulence….read more

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